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Camp Leaders

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If you can dream, the wish we’re making on a star is coming true.


I’ve finally finished it OMG Hope it’s readable… If I made any mistakes - please notice me (inbox)
I’m sorry, if you’ll find inappropriate… 

Part II here 

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Part II of PJO comics :3 Part I is here 

My first drawing of Reyna and Rachel by the way…

i swear my relationship with my boyfriend is like a fairytale…

  • our first kiss was in an aisle at a chapters bookstore
  • btw chapters is my favourite place in the world
  • and that kiss was also both of our “first kisses”
  • on our first date he bought me a novel from chapters
  • and he told me he could hear my heartbeat through my hands
  • he brings me hot towels and chicken soup when i’m on my period
  • he plays stupid carnival games just to win me a stuffed toy 
  • he rubs my belly and gives me snacks when i’m sick
  • he kisses my forehead and stomach all the time
  • he calls me his “beautiful angel” and his “queen”
  • every day he tells me he loves me, misses me and tells me goodnight 
  • he gives me his clothes to wear every time i come over
  • we play video games and sports together
  • he gives me foot massages without me asking
  • he kisses me by grabbing both sides of my face
  • he kissed me in pouring rain and used himself as a human umbrella
  • he loves to cuddle and hug me from behind
  • he tells me that my eyes sparkle, i’m the most beautiful person in this world and that my smile is the reason he smiles
  • and he tells me that every day he is grateful that i’m in his life


 what the hell is wrong with me,
    I don’t fit in with anybody,
    how could this happen to me? 


" We are, as a species, addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories. "
Jonathan Gottschall, The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human (via wordsnquotes)

he hesitated, then came over and kissed her forehead. “i’m glad you’re okay,” he said. “the ghosts were right. only one of us made it to the doors of death. you… you would have made dad proud.

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“You promised, Seaweed brain. We would not get separated! Ever again!

art by viria

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congratulations on your new job!!

thank you! :)